SOLOMOSTRY was born in Milan, 1988. Solomostry in Italian means “only monsters”. A monochrome monster composed of lines with imposing and staring eyes. Solomostry is not only the main character of the artist’s art works but also his alias. Solomostry has since obtained a degree in Graphic Design & Art Direction and works in his studio in Milan. In Solomostry’s artistic practice the streets represent the place where he discovered a unique form of art as well as a kind of playground where he dares new techniques, tools and ideas without any rules. Freedom in the streets means a lot to him. Whereas in the studio he reflects and digests what he just experienced in the streets and tries to implement and manifest it his studio-based paintings.

Solomostry’s draws his inspiration from really everything that attracts his attention. He is inspired by the streets itself, its inhabitants, friends, loved-ones and rivals. He is convinced that, traveling but also information and sensory experience are the source of inspiration – always being continuous.

Solo Exhibitions


  • “Spesotutto”, Cellar Contemporary Gallery, Milano.

  • “Signum”,  Wunderkammern Gallery, Roma.

  • “Live painting for Santoni ”, Parco Santoni SS23 men’s collection presentation in Milan.

  • “Open lines”, Kolly gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.


  • Roma Arte in Nuvola Fair, Roma, Italy.

  • “Voliamo”, Pick gallery, Torino, Italy.

  • “Immaginarium”, Cellar Contemporary,Trento, Italy.

  • “Burned”, Kolly gallery, Zurich, Switzerland. 

  • “Never give up”, Kolly gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Freedom in captivity”, Kolly gallery, Zurich, Switzerland. 


  • “LE BANDIERE SOLOMOSTRY” Site specific Installation at Mombarcaro (CU), Italy. 

  • “Sprayers”, Kolly gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.


  • SOLOMOSTRY VS VITOMANOLOROMA round 2” duo show at Istanbul Comics Festival, Istanbul.
  • “Summer Vibes”, Kolly gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.

  • “Selezione Naturale”, Martinas Gallery, Giussano, Monza, Italy.

  • “SOLOMOSTRY VS VITOMANOLOROMA round 1” duo show at Fiti shop and Art Gallery, Milano, Italy.

  • “Screening”, Kolly Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland..


  • “UNBOXING SLMSTRY”, Lampo Gallery, Milano, Italy.

  • “Mixed Up”, ABFactory, Cagliari, Italy.

  • “Solomostry showcase”, Urvanity Art Fair, Madrid, Spain.


  • Live painting X VFTS launch debut at SOLEDXB, Dubai.

  • TENEBRE, Buzz Kill Gallery, Livorno, Italy.

  • Cross the Streets, MACRO Museo d’ Arte Contemporanea Roma, Roma, Italy.

  • KRAMPUS, The Don Gallery, Milano, Italy.


  • TUTTOINUNAVOLTA, Add X to A, Milano, Italy.


Group Exhibitions


  • Roma Arte in Nuvola Fair, curated by Cellar Contemporary Gallery, Roma, Italy.

  • Arte Padova fair, curated by Studio d’ Arte Raffaelli Gallery, Padova, Italy.

  • Artverona fair, curated by Cellar Contemporary Gallery, Verona, Italy.

  • Artverona fair con Lunetta11sas, Verona, Italy.

  • “Buona fortuna ribelli,  Lunetta11, Mombarcaro (CU), Italy.

  • “Just an Illusion”, Kolly Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.

  • “Banksy è chi Banksy fà”, Castello di Desenzano, Desenzano del Garda, Italy.

  • “Attitude”, Palazzo Blu, Pisa, Italy.


  • Artverona fair with Cellar Contemporary, Verona.

  • “Chi illumina la grande notte”, Lunetta11, Mombarcaro (CU), Italy. 


  • “JUMPSUIT OF MILAN” Custom project curated by Garage Italia and NSS Magazine, Milan, Italy.

  • “BEYOND THE WALLS”, Cohle Gallery, Paris, France.

  • “ABITIAMO IL MONDO”, Lunetta11, Mombarcaro (CU), Italy.


  • “Come impiattare”, Lampo Gallery,, Santeria Toscana 31, Milano, Italy.

  • “OUT SOON” Site specific Installation Micro Museo Monza, curated by Martinas Gallery, Monza.

  • “Sto* disegnando”, MerceMarcia Gallery, Livorno, Italy.

  • Dialoghi di strada #4″ Spazio C21, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

  • “Street talks” Internazionali BNL d’ Italia, Secondome Gallery, Roma, Italy.


  • “FCKFF”, Buzz Kill Gallery, Livorno,  Italy.


  • “Toilet x Art”, Haewoojae Toilet Museum, Seoul, South Korea.

  • “Mosh Pit ”, Galo Art Gallery, Torino, Italy.

  • Serate Illuminate, Parco Arte Contemporanea 180, Livorno, Italy. 


  • Dal caso nasce cosa di Libri Finti Clandestini, collective show, Galleria Demetra, Milano, Italy.

  • S/VISTO, Santeria Social Club, Milano, Italy.


  • Daily Dose by Guido Borso, book launch and collective show, The Don Gallery, Milano, Italy.

  • 2012
    NUOVI PROBLEMI, collective show, curated by NUOVI PROBLEMI, Santeri

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Bolt, 2023

100 x 87 cm

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Silver, 2021

80 x 100 cm

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Super Rosso, 2023

90 x 90 cm

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Untitled, 2021

200 x 185 cm

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Untitled, 2023

18 x 30 cm

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Untitled, 2023

18 x 18 cm

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