Birillo, 2018

23 x 35 x 23 cm | 9.06 x 13.78 x 9.06 in

€ 1.200,00

8 piece edition.

The pin is the signal par excellence and for Federico Lanaro it is the "human marker" that warns us of a change, of a situation of subversion of reality or simply traces a new path. Federico Lanaro's skittles are further contaminated by his natural symbols, which intervene with the invitation to stop and reflect.

The fiberglass sculpture is suitable for being placed outside.

FEDERICO LANARO, Segnali, Cellar Contemporary, Trento, 2018

Published on:   
FEDERICO LANARO, Segnali, ed. Cellar Contemporary, Trento 2018, pp. 38-39

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