Blue Blood, 2019

Mixed media on paper
40 x 50 cm | 15.75 x 19.69 in

Karlien De Villiers, with her bizarre characters who seem to come from the world of comics, pushes us to reflect on problems that are always present in our society with a biting irony.

In this artwork we see a crowned woman completely dressed in blue, in contrast to her skin, which has a warm tone of red, as if to mock the myth of blue blood that high society people boast about (recalled by the color of her dress and the crown), reminding us that basically blood has the same color for everyone (her red skin).

KARLIEN DE VILLIERS, Floating Solo, Cellar Contemporary, Trento, March 2021

Published on: 
KARLIEN DE VILLIERS, Floating Solo, ed. Cellar Contemporary, Trento 2021, p. 13

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