Common Law Man and Wife, 2014

Mixed media on paper
31 x 41 cm | 12.2 x 16.14 in

Karlien De Villiers, with her bizarre characters who seem to come from the world of comics, pushes us to reflect on problems that are always present in our society with a biting irony.

The two spouses sit on a Procrustean bed, a representation of the tormenting situation they are experiencing and of the attempt, coming from society but perhaps also from the partner, to reduce themselves to a single model, a single way of acting and thinking, eliminating their own personal peculiarities.

KARLIEN DE VILLIERS, Floating Solo, Cellar Contemporary, Trento, March 2021

Published on:
KARLIEN DE VILLIERS, Floating Solo, ed. Cellar Contemporary, Trento 2021, p. 29

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