Endless Game (Pink), 2020

21 x 55 x 18 cm | 8.27 x 21.65 x 7.09 in

€ 1.950,00

In occasion of th show by Willy Verginer “Rayuela”, Studio d'Arte Raffaelli and Cellar Contemporary present “Il gioco infinito”, a double limited edition in ceramic, inspired by the homonymous work of the Gardenese artist. The playful subject, presented by the artist himself as an original intuition inspired by the series of work dedicated to Rayuela, meets a new material and comes to life in the hands of Willy Verginer. From the union between the poetics of the artist and the craftsmanship of a workshop in Nove, among the main Italian districts of ceramics, the sculpture "Il gioco infinito" is multiplied in 20 pieces (10 grey and 10 pink). The new limited edition is now available at Studio d'Arte Raffaelli and at Cellar Contemporary, revealing an unprecendented attitude of the artist for the sculpural work.

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€ 1.950,00