Smoking guy, 2019

Mixed media on paper
28 x 40 cm | 11.02 x 15.75 in

Using collage to create what he calls "mutated characters" and "mutated scenes", the Brooklyn street artist known as Bäst has beautified the urban environment of New York

and Europe with wheat-posted posters for more than 15 years. Inspired by the first punk flier, Bäst appropriates iconic twentieth- and twenty-first-century mass-culture images,

creating collages that combine classic cartoon characters, fast food brands, and sex advertisements resulting in biting satires of consumer culture.

Part and parcel of the international street art scene, he’s one of the few artists who preserves one of the first things to keep in mind for gallery recognition: anonymity.

Refusing interviews, he only states: "I go to sleep with a pizza on my chest. It’s embarrassing." This self-denial belies a successful under-and above-ground career, achieved through both solo shows and collaborations with urban collective FAILE and the designer Marc Jacobs.

American, based in Brooklyn, NY, United States.