Ouroboros U, 2017

China Ink on Paper
39 x 50 cm | 15.35 x 19.69 in

The historical background of the cyclical temporality that characterizes the works of David Aaron Angeli is symbolized by Uroboro, the snake that eats its tail in all ancient iconography, in an absence of finality. In the same way the Mediterranean Sea is a ring surrounded by peoples on whose coasts the oldest continents and societies have developed.
The artist recreates an ancestral myth that tells the birth of Western civilization and the rise of countless legends.
The work has an ancient appearance, but also very modern, because it reflects the anxiety that today's man lives in this sea of Europe.

Ouroboros diameter 20 cm.
The work comes together with a beautiful and rare Black Forest frame.

DAVID AARON ANGELI, Europa, Cellar Contemporary, Trento, Aprile 2017
DAVID AARON ANGELI Le forme della materia, Galleria Cavour Green (BO), January 2020

Published on:
DAVID AARON ANGELI, Europa, ed. Cellar Contemporary, Trento 2017, p. 26

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