Between the Brooklyn factories, Austin Eddy opens the door of his wonderful studio, where the atmosphere appears suspended

This is the moment when the artist really finds his own path: when his artworks are the main inspiration of his work.

Austin Eddy is very young, but on the walls, on the shelves, even on the floor of his studio, the eyes glance tirelessly from a canvas to an assemblàge or a sculpture, discovering a surprising maturity.

Lines and forms cross the border of the painted surface, to reach another artwork, the canvas on the wall, the stack of drawings.

Those will be the pages of my future artist's book, what do you think about it?

he asks us, while even him, frenetic, touches and moves everything, telling about his idea of exhibition.

There's even a secret place, where the works are not (yet) finished. In the world of creation, only the artist is allowed.
In this non-visible area of the studio, the energy radiated by Austin Eddy focuses on his work, particularly through the color, carefully chosen.

There the most abstract thoughts as the most concrete tiny stories come to life, created by the union of light bulbs and clock mechanisms: Funghi di Legno” artworks, which keep in the garden their fairy tale-metaphore.

Funghi di legno, mixed media by AUSTIN EDDY. DISCOVER THE ARTWORK

Giordano and Patrizia Raffaelli talking to Austin Eddy