An exhibition that will fill you with enthusiasm and curiosity

Cellar Contemporary opened the exhibition "Balzo di specie" by Bruno Fantelli.

Through his skills and a bit of madness, the artist takes us into his creative realm. A disturbing reality filled with faces, tails, teeth and eyes wide open, slowly emerging from color stains to create confusing yet meticulously detailed universes.

Common objects become monsters, materical figures arise from the meeting of oil and canvas and new creatures occupy the artistic space to then invade nature.

Fantelli's art talks to the individual's subconscious and through bright colors, tells us about the restlessness of a world full of evil beings and foreign to any form of order or harmony.

The opening night, with the magnetic and almost disturbing music by DJ Edo Fontanari, has been a special opportunity for Cellar and its audience to talk with the artist and get to know his deep sensitivity.

We invite you to visit the exhibition, open until the end of december.