"Ithaca" is the subject of the art fair, which will take place at Palazzo Pallavicini, Bologna, from January 31st to February 3rd, 2019

“Ithaca, the island of Ulysses, engine of his travels, end of his adventures and the place where Penelope awaits him. Also the island where the journey becomes a destination.”

We invited three artists David Aaron Angeli, Denis Riva and Margherita Paoletti to reflect on many themes that are part of the Ithaca narration: the journey, the home, the recognition.


Since the series “Migrations” made of wax sculptures and works on paper, the theme of the journey has always been present in the works of David Aaron Angeli: man and sea are protagonists of the departure towards the unknown.


Returning home is an event that arouses the strongest feelings. Memories that seemed to be gone suddenly awaken, and everything around becomes familiar: the noise of the geese in the yard, the dog that lays waiting, faithful, in front of the old wooden door. On a chair, an open suitcase, ready for a new travel.


But something has changed during the journey: it's us, it’s our soul, it’s our body. The young Margherita Paoletti (selected as Under 35 artist by Cellar Contemporary for this edition of SetUp Art Fair) investigates the most obscure recesses of our interiority, lighting up with her art the forest of ours thoughts.

Three monographic projects that mark the stages of a cyclical path, who revolves around the individual and his relationship with the other. The Cellar Contemporary booth at Bologna’s SetUp Art Fair is characterized by a strong figurative imprint, sought between combinations of the two-dimensionality of works on canvas, paper or board and the third dimension of the wax, ceramic and wood sculptures.

Just as the "Ithaca" theme, we are ready to get off the boat and land, with David Aaron Angeli, Denis Riva and Margherita Paoletti at our island: SetUp.

See you soon in Bologna!

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair
Palazzo Pallavicini, Bologna
Booth E
31 January - 3 February 2019