Cellar Contemporary and Studio d'Arte Raffaelli with a selection of local and international artists in Bologna

Cellar Contemporary will be part of the 46th edition of Artefiera in Bologna, with its own stand dedicated to Donald Baecher and the newyorkese school featuring the works of Lance De Los Reyes and Brian Belott. The teacher and his students will be compared through the intergenerational dialogue that has marked an important division in New York’s contemporary arts.

Through drawings and collages, the stand shows the mographic coherence between the three artists. Donald Baechler displays a series of black and white drawings with iconic characters and elaborate backgrounds. His students and assistants Lance De Los Reyes and Brian Belott work respectively with lettering and black outlining and with collages and paper-centered pieces. Cellar Contemporary presents this artistic current 12 years after the exhibition “Spaghetti & Beachballs" dedicated to the school of Donald Baechler and hosted by Studio d’Arte Raffaelli.

Studio d’Arte Raffaelli and Cellar Contemporary will also join Booming fair with an exhibition project on three very different artists, that yet show some similarities in their works. There’s a clear dialogue between the monstrous creatures of Bruno Fantelli - a young and innovative artist supported by Cellar Contemporary- and the sharp figures of Solomostry - a multifaceted artist that created its own and extremely recognizable artistic trademark. We see a different and photographic attitude in Zana Masombuka’s works. The young south African artist works with make-up, costumes and performative poses, to create images with balanced aesthetics that can communicate clear, universal and empathetic messages.