While waiting for the new solo show by David Aaron Angeli "Il Tempo di Gea", at Palazzo Conti Martini in Mezzocorona, we visited the artist's studio to discover the backstage of the exhibition.

Graceful female figures lay in the studio, often paired by a snake, the energetic symbol of the earth, from which these women come.

"Germinazione represents the birth of the plant" explains the artist, talking about the red wax sculpture dedicated to nature.

The exhibition will be held in Palazzo Conti Martini, a hystorical building in which for generations earth has been celebrated. This allowed the artist to realize his new works starting from a reflection where many of his subjects are linked to the idea of a life cycle, such as the uroboris or the "seed women".

In the end we just have to follow, inside the Palace, the tale of David Aaron Angeli, on eternal time, without beginning or end, the time of Gae.