Cellar Contemporary participated with great enthusiasm in the latest edition of the “Festa del Fiume che non c’è” Festival, which was held in 2023 from May 12 to 14


This year the protagonist of the Festival was one of the most important Italian storytellers of the 20th century: Italo Calvino. Following the line of the previous editions, this time the chosen theme comes from the imagery of tarot cards, whose origin dates back to the mid-15th century in northern Italy. Therefore, by paraphrasing Calvino’s work “Il Castello dei destini incrociati”, a narration constructed through the juxtaposition of Major Arcana and significant seeds from the Marseillaise deck, the “Fiume che non c’è” has been declined into “ Quartiere dei destini incrociati”.

In this special deck, full of cultural offerings, from dance, readings, concerts to exhibitions- all of them mention the widespread exposition in the neighborhood ”Le città invisibili” of Federica Bordoni, Cellar Contemporary staged the Devil’s Arcanum through a performance named “Demoniaco” created by the artist Tommaso Buldini, who also realized a site-specific setup, in collaboration with the performance duo Plastikhaare and Colapesce, who musically accompanied.

From the synergy between the popular singer and musician and Tommaso Buldini- who has signed two award-winning music videos for Colapescedimartino- a new artistic modulation that combines music, visual art and performance, is reproduced. It has been represented in an esoteric key, lacing up to the theme of the Festival and forming a fundamental part of the program.

The performance was held on Sunday, May 14, in the second floor spaces of bOOkique. On the previous two days it was possible to visit the gallery, where the exhibition "Venice in Cellar" continues. In an intimate and cozy atmosphere, warm and dark, almost like a mother's womb, the theme of tarot cards was brought to the stage through music, voice and performance. Bizarre and captivating, at times almost disturbing, the subjects presented, including, just to name a few, the Twins, the Devil, the Dream, are taken from a known imagery and re-proposed according to the artist's personal vision. "Demonic" enraptured, enchanted and transported the viewer to another world, far from everyday life but not from reality, just like in a dream.