The party of our neighborhood on November 16th 2019 is tinged with fairytale; for the occasion we will present the new limited edition of Denis Riva, "Andare avanti".

It will be the feast of San Martino Dentro, in an edition freely inspired by the Magic Piper, to lead visitors through the spaces of the neighborhood, and to discover the (mental) enchanted landscapes of Denis Riva by Cellar Contemporary in his exhibition "Advanced state of composition". Directly from Ganzamonio, the artist will participate in the party by presenting his linocut "Going Forward", which is included in the precious catalog of the exhibition.

In line with the themes dealt with in his pictorial works, the print is made in 12 simple copies + 10 proofs of the artist retouched by hand with collage. The enigmatic central figure, in the company of his friends, the dogs, indicates a point towards the future, representing that "advanced state of composition" in which the artist finds himself.

During the party, don't miss the Temporary Future Store, the Bruno Fantelli exhibition, and the Stefania Mazzola exhibition, created in collaboration with Cellar Contemporary.

See you Saturday from 4.00pm to 10.00pm in via San Martino!