The main american Biennale is hosting the works by the talent who showed the first time at Studio d'Arte Raffaelli in Trento in 2009 with "Spaghetti and Beachballs".

Installation view of "Spaghetti and Beachballs" at Studio d'Arte Raffaelli

One of Cellar Contemporary’s mission is to discover new talents, accompanying artists on their exhibition path from the beginning; and, even though we are a young gallery, our approach to the art world goes back in time, more precisely to 2009, ten years ago.

It all started with Davide Raffaelli’s first curated exhibition at his father’s gallery, Studio d’Arte Raffaelli. “Spaghetti and Beachballs” was the chosen title. It was the first exhibition that brought together in the gallery Donald Baechler’s young assistants.

The name of the renowned artist, Donal Baechler, is of great importance to Studio d’Arte Raffaelli and to its identity (not only has he created the Logo of the gallery, but he has also contributed in representing the international approach the gallery has when it comes to art and exhibition choices since 1984).

Among the artists selected for the occasion by the young Davide during his first trips to New York, stood out a just as young Brian Belott. His under-glass paintings and his artist books were at the time an immediate sold out.

A moment of the opening of "Spaghetti and Beachballs with Davide Raffaelli and Brian Belott on the right

The series of "books" by Brian Belott

Giordano and Patrizia Raffaelli, Brian Belott, Davide Raffaelli, James Franklin, and Taylor McKimens at Studio d'Arte Raffaelli in 2009

Therefore, we are incredibly happy to see today’s acclaimed success of Brian Belott, who recently became part of Whitney Museum Biennial, a milestone and artistic consecration of international importance.

The museum exhibits his ingenious “time machines”: blocks of ice inside of which entire parts of his life (including toothpaste, mayonnaise, an abacus, etc..) are literally frozen and preserved.

At the Whitney Biennial, there is also a work of his series “Fan Puff”; assemblies which contain electrical devices, in this case, a fan. His work revolves around the theme of time, captured with a strongly ironic vein and synthesized by his motto “a well-delivered joke can save the world”.

The works by Brian Belott at Gavin Brown and Whitney Biennale