“This is a story of dreams mixed with reality”.
Exhibition of the artists Andy Ness, Laurina Paperina, Margherita Paoletti, Nero/Alessandro Neretti e Pafo Gallieri at Factory Grisù in Ferrara, on the occasion of the Internazionale Festival

What if art really comes from dreams? How much is dreaming worth? How much dreams cost? These the questions to the artists, which consider quality and sharing the key of contemporary art.

The curatorial design is all about the film of Hans Richter “Dreams that Money Can Buy”, exhibition's beginning and fil rouge.

The film starts with these hypnagogic words: “Everyone dreams, everyone sometimes travels in countries where a specific form of beauty, wisdom, adventure, is waiting us. This is a story about dreams mixed with reality”. As pointed out by Capasso, this is a film about desire, the hidden mechanisms of it and the possibility of revealing them, about the possibiliy of these to be an object, so money can become an equivalent. The film, that shows five artistis' dreams made of art, is inviting us to think about the analogy between art and dream, both bound by an economic equivalent in order to exist.

The show's setup and the artists called to take part in the realization of it, would like to offer the active participation of the public in the visit, to encourage interest and curiosity in a process of discovery and learning as immersive as possible. We would like to invite the viewers to think about the project's content and the artists' work, removing the distance usually present between the visitor and the work of the contemporary artist, real witness of the present time. The works showed will be artworks, sculptures, site specific installations, videos. There will be installations for interaction, one in particular will be create entirely by the visitors.

Show opens the 5th october 2018, at 6 p.m.

“Dreams that Money Can('T) Buy” is a project by Sara Ricci, in collaboration with Cellar Contemporary and the Municipal of Ferrara, between the collateral events of the Internazionale Festival.