How to talk about family through Federico Lanaro's art


Opening Saturday, Nov. 26, the exhibition conceived and curated by Trento-based Studio Buonanno Arte Contemporanea in collaboration with Cellar Contemporary and presented by young art critic Camilla Nacci.

Family is a word that holds an ocean of meanings, traditions, legends, stories, memories. It is precisely through that ocean that Federico Lanaro's "waves" want to ferry us into the symbolic universe of the artist, who thanks to his sensitivity brings to light what family ties can be, become, remain.

On the occasion of the Festival of the Family, the great themes of union, group, support, mutual collaboration come to the surface through the style of the young artist from Trentino, who hides the ability to speak multiple languages, to be able to be looked at from the right as well as from the left, from top to bottom, from far and near, knowing how to gather a multi-level vision that delivers into the hands of the viewer the choice of how profound the meaning of the work may turn out to be. The waves themselves, Lanaro explains, represent that never-tiring movement of relationships and connections that strengthen us and give us the ability not to sink into the abyss: "Like a wave we oscillate between extremes. The period between peaks determines the rhythm, the coordination and collaboration with other people determines the motion or stall. My family is my team, each component has an oar. My family is my wave, when it is there and when it is missing. In the vision of this exhibition, I imagined paintings allegories of communal living, functional but totemic objects such as oars (enriched with symbolic figures) and swings, a sound installation."