Cellar presents for the first time in Italy the works of the South African artist Karlien De Villiers in a solo show titled Floating Solo

Karlien de Villiers was born in 1975 in Cape Town, but we could say that her "floating solo", from which the exhibition takes its name, has taken her much farther, not only physically, traveling both in Europe and the United States, but also artistically.

Today Karlien, as well as an independent artist, is a professor of visual arts at Stellenbosch University, in South Africa.
From 23.03.21 to 28.08.21 the works exhibited at Cellar Contemporary are characterized by an artistic style close to comics and graphic novels, sometimes desecrating, which has been able to conquer the audience present at the opening.

The exhibition by Karlien de Villiers, even if only on the surface, drags through a simple language the viewer into the reality in which he could mirror himself. Like, for example, the reality of the pandemic, which is very close to us. It is therefore a deeper dive that Karlien makes us do, since the paintings at a second careful look reveal their most intense and disorienting aspect.

In collaboration with Studio d'Arte Raffaelli, Karlien de Villiers' exhibition continues in a space dedicated to her in the Sala Bacco of Palazzo Wolkenstein in Via Livio Marchetti 17, Trento.

Thanks to those who took part in the event!