SENSO ALFIO GHEZZI MART 25.10.2023 - 25.04.2024

Margherita Paoletti is an artist, illustrator and designer. She graduated in 2012 from the European Institute of Design in Rome in illustration and animation, then took part in summer courses at BTK in Berlin and at Central Saint Martin's in London.

The artist then earned a master's degree in Illustration and Graphic Design at ISIA Urbino in 2015. In recent years, she has participated in artist residencies in Estonia and Japan.

Margherita Paoletti lives and works between London and Rovereto where she divides her time between painting, digital drawing, jewelry design, and ceramic modeling. The artist also specializes in etching techniques, such as etching, and linocut, of which she regularly holds workshops in collaboration with private and public institutions, including the Mart in Rovereto.

From the encounter between the culinary excellence of Alfio Ghezzi and the artistic proposal of the galleries Studio d'Arte Raffaelli and Cellar Contemporary comes a collaboration that combines the relationship between food and contemporary art in a new way.

Redesigning the spaces of the SENSO Alfio Ghezzi Mart Restaurant through recent works - in some cases unpublished - is the young artist Margherita Paoletti, already a designer and illustrator, who is pursuing an artistic project expressing herself mainly through painting dedicated to the link between the inside and the outside of the human body.

"Armonie interiori" therefore stands as a path through the artist's works, which range from large female figures within which a world opens up, from time to time linked to emotions, colors and elements with a strong iconography, to landscapes populated by fantastic figures, which tell as a visual diary the states of mind that the artist feels and in which she invites her audience to recognize themselves.

Over time, Margherita Paoletti has developed a veritable language of signs and symbols, related to the concepts of equality, harmony, health and physical and mental well-being, which have made her stylistic signature unmistakable in the contemporary art scene.