Photography, painting and illustration tell the links to the territory


From July 15 to October 22, 2023, "Radìs", a group exhibition featuring, among others, Margherita Paoletti, will be on view at Casa de Gentili (Sanzeno, TN).

The subtitle of the exhibition, "Photography, painting and illustration tell the links to the territory," anticipates the content of the exhibition itself and clarifies the choice of a title in dialect, which emphasizes the research aimed at telling the identity of a part of Val di Non. Different artists and different artistic media will tell about the ties between people and the territory in the villages of Banco, Casez and Sanzeno, touching on social, historical and cultural themes. All of this is enclosed in the beautiful rooms of Casa de Gentili, a richly decorated 16th-century residence, a place that is already culturally and historically important.

The event is the result of a series of video interviews conducted by Nicola Bortolamedi, who together with Marcello Nebl is its curator, but it also saw the valuable participation of culture councillor Mara Pancheri and the municipal administration of Sanzeno.
These interviews made it possible to highlight three main and foundational aspects of the identity of this mountainous area, which then went on to constitute the focuses of the exhibition: cooperation (in this case agricultural), the mountains, and Casez Castle, a cultural asset symbolic of the area.

It was Margherita Paoletti, along with Alessia Carli and Isa Nebl, who were given the task of narrating the castle. The three illustrator artists approached the theme in a free and personal way, interpreting the architectural features and stories related to the castle, coming up with three distinct illustrated legends. The exhibition features the artwork and original plates related to these tales.

There will be side events related to the exhibition.