Cellar Contemporary promotes the works of South African artist Zana Masombuka, hosting a solo exhibition entitled Time + NODUGWANA: An Ode to my Granmother.

Born in 1995, Zana "Ndebele Superhero" Masombuka is a young conceptual artist and art director from Johannesburg, whose intent is to convey through art her cultural background and give voice to her land; the rural territory of KwaNdebele, in the small village of Syabuswa.
Tuesday, March 15, 2022, Cellar contemporary has inaugurated the exhibition Time + NODUGWANA: An Ode to my Granmother accompanied by the musical notes of DJ Enrico Peroni, which recall the traditional melodie of the African continent, the birthplace of the artist, who in this event was able to personally collect the first impressions of her audience and confront herself with art lovers, collectors, and artists, such as Margherita Paoletti.

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The smiling and charismatic Zana had the opportunity to open the curtain to the city of Trento on her roots, which flow deep into the African ground, illustrating through her photographs a culture that has been "deforested" in favor of colonialism and emphasizing the importance of recreating the African identity, especially that Ndebele. To achieve this goal, cooperation is necessary between the young and old generations, represented in her works through the metaphor of lemons: respectively by the lighter and less dehydrated ones (symbol of arrogance and vulnerability) and by the darker and dehydrated ones (emblem of wisdom that characterizes the elderly).


The second series of Zana's exhibited works is dedicated to her grandmother, as well as a wise bearer of African culture and a celebrant of grace and youthful spirit, with whose cooperation the artist can rediscover the identity of her beloved continent. From her grandmother she learned the flow of life and the importance of the surrounding nature, which are represented in her works through the straw garden of her childhood and the "is'khetu", a regal wear that symbolizes pride and the kind of growth that can arise from what seems to be nothing.


Zana's artistic expression and history were the subject of much appreciation and discussion in an evening that ended with celebrations and toasts in honor of the artist. Her works will continue to be exhibited for the public at the Cellar Contemporary art gallery until June 15, 2022.