A Place to Be, 2019

Watercolor on paper
160 x 115 cm | 62.99 x 45.28 in

Characterized by its liveliness and particularity, Angelo Maisto’s watercolors unclose a whole new world of imagination and interpretation. Among typical animals and well-known plant species, the tiny unique creatures appear. With legs made of clothespins, a walnut or a teaspoon instead of the head and a pendant like a tail, these peacefully standing beasts serve as a reminder of the things that do not belong to the natural world. The things that came there as guests from the human universe. 

Nonetheless, they are the real protagonists, the characters re-created by Maisto with forgotten, unused objects, victims of consumerism, that reflect infinite replacement and do not anticipate recycling.

The artist breathed life into a new natural order (which was defined by the art critic Valerio Dehò as "Codex Maisti") by reassembling and reconstituting in unusual and unexpected ways everyday objects.

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