Test for family crest, 2018

Acrylic on canvas board
50 x 70 cm | 19.69 x 27.56 in

Personal experience is the driving force behind the artist's imagination, in whose works continuous visual paradoxes are played in a world populated by fluorescent animals.
The theme of the signals, intended as "markers" present in the everyday life of Federico Lanaro, is the common thread that links his works; through a developed sensitivity in grasping the symbols that surround us, the artist is then able to isolate them from the usual context to implement relocations in his artistic dimension, which is capable of creating new iconographies, a new vocabulary. The artist invites us to turn the perspective upside down, to accept the paradox to adopt a broader view of reality.

FEDERICO LANARO, Segnali, Cellar Contemporary, Trento, 2018

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FEDERICO LANARO, Segnali, ed. Cellar Contemporary, Trento 2018, p. 43

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