Cellar renews the collaboration with AFC with an exhibition by Chiara Calore, Marco Ceroni and Weichao Chen


"Oh, how nice it would be if we could only get through the Looking-glass House! I’m sure it’s got, oh! such beautiful things in it! Let’s pretend there’s a way of getting through it, somehow. Let’s pretend the glass has got all soft like gauze, so that we can get through. Why it’s turning into a sort of mist now, I declare! It’ll be easy enough to get through" - Lewis Carroll, "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There"

The works of Chiara Calore, born in 1994, take inspiration from her land, where she has always been able to observe the delicate relationship between animal and environment, in search of its enhancement.


Marco Ceroni, on the other hand, prefers the representation of his inner world, made of imaginary and real spaces, which he recreates through the hybridization of different elements and techniques; he lives and works in Faenza.


Weichao Chen studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Since 2018 he has been working on a tiger-themed series, which he depicts through bright colors and different techniques, with the idea that these majestic animals in his paintings have changed from hunters to prey.


The exhibition will be held from May 28th to June 12th. The opening will begin on Saturday, May 28th at 4 p.m., and the evening will be enlivened by DJ set. We cannot wait to see you there!