The collaboration between Cellar Contemporary and the new Osteria degli Artisti of Riva del Garda with the project by Margherita Paoletti “Natura corporea illuminazione interiore di paesaggi nascosti” opens on Sunday 28 April - curated by Virginia Raffaelli.

The artist's works describe the delicate encounter between theinside and the outside of our body, an intimate and personal moment that the artist lives and lets live creating short emotional circuits made of empathy and identification with his figures - mostly female.

How does our appearance relate to what we have inside? Can we speak of a human landscape? What happens to the body when it dreams? Margherita Paoletti answers these questions through a series of correspondences between elements of nature and body organs, creating sensory interweaving between visible and invisible.

Natura corporea opens the exhibition program of the Osteria degli Artisti, which will seasonally propose new artistic menus. The exhibition opens Sunday, April 28 starting at 19:00 in the presence of the artist.