A precious solo show by Angelo Maisto in the ancient Palazzo Conti Martini in Mezzocorona

From 1 to 3 september Cellar organizes a new solo show of the artist Angelo Maisto, "Naturalia" in Mezzocorona, an historical town settled in Trentino. The exhibition take place during "Settembre Rotaliano", a special three-days festival dedicated to Teroldego, the "prince of wines" in his place of production. Enogastronomic event combines with contemporary art in this peculiar show, installed in the historical Palazzo Conti Martini.

The Palace was built in the second half of Sixteenth Century; his precious hall are witness of the aristocratic taste in decorations and frescos. The main richness came by the way from agricolture and wineyards. This was the perfect frame for the works by Angelo Maisto: a young artist grown up into Museo di Capodimonte in Naples and filled with artistic inspirations from Renaissance and Flemish Art.

Nature, and artificial small figures obtained by the artist from common objects, give birth to a new cosmic order. Angelo Maisto characters, after being classified in a sort of "Codex Maisti", inhabit the Palace rooms as they were always been there. Angelo Maisto is extremely careful in the selection fo subject: flowers, birds and new creatures require time and precision; watercolors on paper and sculptures create a magnificent balance between the armony of nature and human creativity.

After the festival "Settembre Rotaliano", the show will be open by appointment until 30th of September.