Thursday 4 April inaugurated at the two locations Cellar Contemporary and Studio d'Arte Raffaelli the exhibition starring the artists Andrew Gilbert, Jarmila Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič and Umar Rashid (Frohawk Two Feathers)

Umar Rashid and Davide Raffaelli

For the first time three artists, for the first time two locations: "The Fate of Empires" is a colossal exhibition, starting from the theme from which the artists left to realize the works on display.

This is about the "reinvention of history", tracing a hypothetical "Destiny" for all the empires and totalitarian regimes that were part of the great history, very often leaving out the "minor" events - linked to the colonized populations in the case of Andrew Gilbert, the black people in the case of Umar Rashid and the behavior of the masses in the case of Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič. A new and fresh point of view that brings together the Cellar Contemporary and Studio d’Arte Raffaelli galleries.

Umar Rashid with Walter Gasperoni, Giordano and Davide Raffaelli

At Cellar Contemporary, we present an overture dominated by the great mushroom cloud "God of War", lightbox by the duo Mitríková & Demjanovič, whose color variations immediately lead to the east, in the shadow of the totalitarian communist regimes that moved the crowds into a mix of traditions and religions.

Going down the stairs are the works of Andrew Gilbert that deal with the theme of war propaganda; a prelude to all the battles in which the artist is inspired. Umar Rashid has instead created for Cellar Contemporary a series of hand-painted reproductions on wood of the works found at the Raffaelli Art Studio: it is "La Leggenda di Dolomiti", a heroic mountain fighter who will face the harsh lands of the former Hapsburg Empire against its antagonist to redeem his kidnapped love.



Andrew Gilbert signs an exhibition catalogue

Dávid Demjanovič with Margherita Paoletti

Andrew Gilbert's musical stage for "The Fate of Empires"

Federico Lanaro at the opening

The series of six works dominates the main hall of the Raffaelli Art Studio, accompanied by a site-specific sculpture by Andrew Gilbert and a series of ceramics by Mitríková & Demjanovič. The campaign of Abyssinia, which also saw Italian soldiers as protagonists, is the main focus of Gilbert's works, while ritual masks, contrasts between the irruption of the contemporary and the rural world of Eastern Europe are the leitmotif of all the pyrographies on wood of the Slovak duo, which traditionally also recovers the artistic technique.

Umar Rashid with the co-curator Camilla Nacci

Andrew Gilbert with Veit Loers, Patrizia, Giordano and Virginia Raffaelli


Laurina Paperina at the opening

Patricia Talacko, Davide Raffaelli, Andrew Gilbert and David Aaron Angeli

Everest Parisi Dj set

Umar Rashid and his live rap during the inauguration

"The Fate of Empires" is a complex exhibition, full of references between the three artists, linked by a deep respect and virtual knowledge, who met for the first time in Trento.

The exhibition will continue in the two locations until 30 September 2019.