Organic Manure For Urban Farmers

Limited Edition by Laurina Paperina.


Real Shit is the dirty product by the firm with its same name, Real Shit: 750g per jar of pure and high-class cows and hens’ shit.

What’s the secret recipe of such an organic masterpiece? They’re two: only cows and hens are allowed to work on it and 9 months of aging are requested in order to end up with the perfect tin.

Real Shit is not that sort of fertilizer which impoverishes the soil, it improves our city gardens instead, through all the potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus it contains.

The Real Shit tins you can find at Cellar Contemporary are those edited by the artist Laurina Paperina in a 500 numbered pieces edition. Her collaboration with the firm Real Shit came up in response to the TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the free-trade commercial treaty between European Union and U.S.


Only for Cellar Contemporary, Laurina Paperina signed and customized some jars with signed unique handmade drawings, which show malformed animals coming from her unlimited immagination. These sort of monsters reveal what consequences could have a less strict control on farming and on water quality, in addition to pollution.

Laurina Paperina, together with Real Shit, moved the very first steps toward a greater awareness of the possibilities and the needs of our land.