Margherita Paoletti's works inhabit the new Pulk creative space, in collaboration with Cellar Contemporary

"Sogni a fior di pelle" is the artist's new exhibition visible at Pulk. Margherita Paoletti's work starts from the interiority: what we cannot see, what is dark inside us, and is illuminated by the artist through suggestions and colors very often borrowed from the natural universe.

"Ombre di sogno" is the title of one of a series of works that describes the oneiric phenomenology elaborated by Margherita Paoletti: of the invisible nocturnal dreams, what remains, when daytime arrives, is only a marvelous floral shadow, which partially superimposes itself on the facial features of the protagonists of the works. But the nocturnal stories are ready to resurface, indelibly, on the skin, in the form of tattoos.

All the traces left by the dream become memories that intertwine, making invisible thought explicit and legible and whispering an invitation not to hide one's interiority, but to share it in the form of a new narrative.

Pulk, which in English and Norwegian means a small Nordic sled, is identified as an inclusive, flexible, dynamic, creative space that offers many activities, like yoga lessons, supper clubs and multicultural meetings.