The new exhibition by Karlien De Villiers at Pulk Space in collaboration with Cellar.

“Women and Cats” are the main characters of Karlien De Villiers’ exhibition, with which The Pulk Space inaugurates the 2022 reopening. The style of the South African artist is inspired in particular by the world of graphic novel and comics; in fact the publication of the book “My mother was a beautiful woman” made Karlien De Villiers internationally known.

The artist touches different aspects of daily life, from couple dynamics, to gender topics, to interpersonal behaviors common to the feminine and feminist universe, which emerge clearly from the works on show.The humanization of domestic animals, especially cats, following the ironic stereotype of the "catwoman", reveals in the main works of the exhibition, a vague sense of loneliness, filled by the company of the cat.

The works on paper and on canvas represents different shades of a personal story, which we can follow work after work in an invitation to slow down, without being overwhelmed by the world’s bustle. Karlien De Villiers with her works suggests us to regain a human rhythm and to appreciate the simplicity of little things, fully embracing Pulk’s philosophy.