Cellar Contemporary starts a collaboration with Lunetta11 with the artists Brian Belott and David Aaron Angeli on the occasion of the summer exhibition in Mombarcaro (CN).

It all starts from the good friendship between Francesco Pistoi and Davide Raffaelli the collaboration between Cellar Contemporary and the Gallery Lunetta11, wich will see the artists Brian Belott and David Aaron Angeli as protagonists.

The artist will exhibit in the suggestive spaces of the ancient Borgata Lunetta, dating back to the XVII century and located in the municipality of mombarcaro, in Alta Langa, proposing new projects and site-specific set-up.

In occasion of the exhibition titled "Who lights up the great night", in homage to the great italian director Elio Petriand his last film left unfinished, wich Brian Belott will introduce to his first stage of his personal project “The Reassembler” - the second part is excpeted later this autumn at Cellar Contemporary -, with a selection of collage on paper wich will rappresent the results of a long interisciplinary “outsider” research.

Inside the exhibition, in the “UFO” section, David Aaron Angeli will be present, he'll reinterpret three enviroments of the estate of Lunetta11 subdiving them in the recurring thematics for his work “Stanza dei bastoni”, “ Stanza dei serpenti” and “stanza della donna”. The evocative calling for shapes and archaic measueres will dialogue naturally with the enviroment, wich will be full of sculptures in bee wax, wood and drawings on paper. The inaugural event in Lunetta11 is expected on saturday 19 june 2021; the exhibition will go on until 30 september.