The 88 beasts by Denis Riva and Marco Taddei come alive in the new publication by "Le serpi in tasca"

Have you ever heard about the Moralist, the Neurotic, Sigfried the Strong or the White Goddess? You can find them inside a sober black cover made by soft fabric that of these creatures (or better, of these beasts) it contains 88!

We’re talking about “Aquitrinus”, a brand-new book written by Marco Taddei, with the gorgeous (and quite unsettling) artworks by Denis Riva, whose art name is Deriva.

The project takes inspiration from medieval bestiaries, sumptuous books in which were described, with words and miniatures, some creatures that may be real or not. Next to a lion and an eagle it was possible to find a mermaid or a unicorn, and that’s the spirit that animate this book too.

There are various monsters, and they’re not always what we expect to see, but all of them are characterized by a personal history, and that’s why the book was defined as “a bestiary of stories”.

The title “Aquitrinus” is a tribute to the artist Deriva, who prefers temperas and watercolours and that made water a subject for many of his artworks (for example the series “Laghi di carta”).

The book was published thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and with the support of APS Oltre from Carrara, Cellar Contemporary and Atipografia.

The book is the first of a series that is going to comprehend eight books, every of them matched with illustrations from a different artist, who can modify the atmosphere and the tones compared to this first volume, but they must always illustrate 88 beasts.

So, what else to say? May the marsh be with you!