Aries Workspace of Trento has recently inaugurated an exhibition itinerary to encourage the comparison between freelancers and entrepreneurs, with the purpose of promoting local art bodies and their artists.

The first art exhibition at Aries Workspace,"Paesaggi di carta", is set up in collaboration with Studio d’Arte Raffaelli in Trento, in a path marked by the union between creativity and productivity. All the works belong to the artist Denis Riva, except for the sculpture "Tree", created by Federico Lanaro.

In "Paesaggi di carta" the will is to value the beauty of our territory through the natural landscapes, for the most lakes, portrayed in the paintings.

Protagonist of the exhibition but not only, Denis Riva, known as Deriva, is an Emilian designer, painter, assembler and experimenter originally from Rovereto who now lives and works in Follina. His art is intrinsic to his soul, it comes from within and grows with strength driven by an inexhaustible engine, his great passion, managing to work in many fields such as painting, sculpture and installation. Despite the multitude of works, in 2017 he celebrated twenty years of exhibitions, he is convinced that he is just at the beginning of his research but understands that it could also be at the end.

The exhibition focuses particularly on Deriva's ability to wisely use paper to create landscapes, works of art in which the recovery of this waste material, normally used for work and educational purposes, is decontextualized and reused in a totally different way, magically coming back to life thanks to the hands of the artist. The result is a work in which the paper undergoes a real process of rebirth and transformation but not only that, it becomes the most typical component of these collages, and it is a distinctive trait of the artist, almost as if it were his signature. The surreal dimension is an equally widespread characteristic in the images of Deriva, which sometimes feels inspired by the desire to suspend references to the realistic image, promoting dreamlike visions that the artist composes as narratives that constantly developing.

And it is through the work of the artist Federico Lanaro, who graduated in 2004 at Bologna Fine Arts Academy, that the exhibition completes its representative cycle; his sculptural work, "Tree", is a clear reference to the theme of the exhibition which concerns landscapes and natural elements, this time interpreted in a plastic and sculptural language that offers a type of representative example different from the other works, enriching not only the exhibition path but also the visual experience of the viewer. The works of the mentioned artists will be exhibited in the Aries Workspace Business Center from 1 December to 7 January 2021.