ATP DIARY | Focus su Scouting - ArtVerona 2019

The Cellar Contemporary gallery in Trento returns to ArtVerona, exhibiting a combination of Italian artists, such as Laurina Paperina, the Slovak artistic duo Jarmila Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič and the American artist Austin Eddy.

Mitríková ('86) & Demjanovič ('85) are present with a very special pyrographed wood project that refers to popular craftsmanship, commonly used in the former Czechoslovakia. Alongside this, the artists make figurative sculptures in enamelled polychrome ceramics. In their style, Christian traditions, local folklore, rituals, superstitions, myths and legends from their homeland can be found.

Along with the picassian and mixed pop style of Austin (Boston, '86), there is the super-pop Laurina Paperina ('80) that presents a special work on skateboarding, animated through augmented reality.

Valeria Marchi

Valeria Marchi