With the installation site-specific "Spontaneously Fluorescent", Federico Lanaro stages in the space of Cellar by recreating a multi-sensorial experience using fluorescent colours, light and music on november 11th.


On the feast of San Martino (dentro), Cellar Contemporary goes fluorescent through an installation site-specific of Federico Lanaro, where the artist creates new ways of enjoyment of some of its most recent artworks by using light and music - in collaboration with Everest Parisi.
“Spontaneously Fluorescent” is the wild call of Federico’s work, who recreates a multi-sensory environment inside the gallery, which naturally finds its place on the already present installation, creating a direct connection with the public.


Zanne of Federico Lanaro is an installation in fibreglass, where the relation between nature and tradition touches new chords. This elephant fangs are the litmus paper of a world very much like ours, but that at the same time plays on a completely different chessboard. The story becomes the echo of a mythological sound that is reproduced through the fangs themselves, that become amplifier of memories and dualism, thus creating a third dimension. The artwork becomes a bridge between the spontaneity of nature and the counterfeit of today’s life, which gives birth to Lanaro’s upside-down world, where nature strikes back, avenges its accuse of weakness and fights fire with fluorescent.


Lanaro’s serie Supernatural shows us an (im)possible scenario, where nature acknowledges its strength and takes over man’s sterile reality, in which a crocodile is just a crocodile, in which rivers are just water streams to divert, in which trees are only wood to burn in the fireplace. In this reality, the trees gather together, organize themselves and cover wildly everything. This gives omnipresence and solemnity to nature itself which, by arising from its state of passive acceptance, makes its way through our reality and takes back its natural right to exist.
The juxtaposition of paradoxical elements is with no doubt Lanaro’s signature that is being proposed once again in this new installation. Starting from the skull, symbol of death and concluded life, the artist changes completely its meaning, by giving it new life. The artist becomes thus creator of a new concept, where the skull is denaturalized: it loses is duty, that is reminding us that death is the only certain thing in life. By this, he creates a new understanding of it, a new story. In the end, a skull’s story is everybody’s story, and it is this that is projected into light, namely the skull, enlightened with an irreverent fluorescent yellow, creating infinite ways of interpretation. The skull has however not lost its nature. The artist has shaped it, has distorted it, has revealed its paradoxes and, though a classic search for evolutionary redemption, turned a finite story into a new mean of immortal narration.

FEDERICO LANARO | Spontaneously Fluorescent
In collaboration with Everest Parisi
Saturday 11 November | h 6:oo p.m.
Cellar Contemporary
Via San Martino, 52 - 38122 Trento