Sunday visit at Federico Lanaro’s studio..waiting for the new exhibition!

It’s a sunny spring day when I arrive at Federico’s studio. As soon as I enter I see paintings everywhere: the artist is working hard on the new exhibition!

I notice a lot of trees, orange fluorescent trees, one of the main subjects of the show, but not only; in a small box a hidden treasure, a series of beautiful works on paper (10 x 15 cm) who represent paradoxical skits.

These skits have the same ironic seriousness with which Federico looks at you when you ask him a question! Any question, because behind his work there is always a deep thought, which might often result in a sweet and playful outcome, but that does never omit the punctuality of his message.

SEGNALI represent for me an overall look at my work. I chose to follow the theme of “markers” that I find in my everyday life, utilizing all the artistic techniques visited over the years. The works on canvas and the fiberglass sculptures recur more frequently, but photography, design and installation are an important component, which very often remains behind the scenes. But this time I decided to show all the aspects of my creative process.

In Federico’s house there is room for works of other artists and one of his inspirations: Umberto Postal. Lanaro, however, does not often address the past because he loves to contaminate his work with cues taken from the real, especially from trees and animals, which he uses as a metaphor to describe the main focus of his interest: human behavior.

The chirp of Canary Condorito- which often peeks into the details of his work- reminds us that it is time to say goodbye and leave the artist at work.

To discover the other signals we invite you to the opening of his solo show at Cellar Contemporary on April 20th at 6.30 pm! See you soon!!