Big Tub, 2016

Wax and mediterranean sea salt
17 x 3 x 5 cm | 6.69 x 1.18 x 1.97 in

€ 400,00

The theme of travel and discovery have always been present in the works on paper and in wax by David Aaron Angeli, which summarizes its archetypes and essential lines. The man and the sea are the protagonists of this departure into the unknown, made in the shapes of the hand and the boat.
The presence of the container is a reminder of the eternal life cycle that is perpetuated.

DAVID AARON ANGELI, Europa, Cellar Contemporary, Trento, Aprile 2017

Published on:
DAVID AARON ANGELI, Europa, ed. Cellar Contemporary, Trento 2017, p. 41

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