Migrazione, 2017

39 x 59 cm | 15.35 x 23.23 in


The theme of travel and discovery have always been present in David Aaron Angeli's works on paper and wax, which summarizes archetypes and essential lines. Man and the sea are the protagonists of this departure towards the unknown, rendered in the shapes of the hand and the boat.
During the journey, the animal becomes a vessel from which it is not possible to escape, and yet saves: The hand and the container, a reference to the life cycle that is perpetuated forever, bring this concept into an extreme synthesis: David Aaron Angeli joins the object to the human figure, accentuating, through a figurative language, an ambivalence between "bearer" and "carried" in which the artist's interest is concentrated above all on the encounter and on the spiritual relationship that is consummated in crossing of the sea.

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