From February 14th to 17th Cellar Contemporary will join Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2019, the main contemporary art fair of Africa.

Last year we worked at Investec Cape Town Art Fairwith the shared booth of Studio d'Arte Raffaelli and Heidi Erdmann Contemporary, so we came back to the art fair with a new project signed Cellar Contemporary.

We'll keep on the collaboration with Studio d'Arte Raffaelli, representing american artists Matt Phillips and Philip Taaffe; we'll give a new layout to the Austin Eddy solo show “Giardino di Funghi di Legno” with some artworks from the gallery show; we'll exhibit the new works by Federico Lanaro, from the series “Ensemble”. Then, we'll keep on working with Heidi Erdmann, through a selection of works by South-African artist Karlien De Villiers.


MATT PHILLIPS, Untitled, 2016, silica and pigment on canvas, 61 x 51 cm

The artist has an immediate approach to canvas, which is istinctive at the beginning, and then revisits the composition in order to create harmony between colors and realize a painting which grows with the same rythm as a musical composition.


PHILIP TAAFFE, Untitled, 2003, mixed media on paper, 24,5 x 34 cm

Established artist, Philip Taaffe researches color balance and ancestral shapes, like the tribal ones, the indians or the chinese. His work, began in the early Eighties, brought his artworks in the museums and exhibition spaces of all over the world.


FEDERICO LANARO, Ensemble, 2019, mixed media on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

His personal experience is the starting point for the italian artist, whose works are rich in visual paradoxes and fluorescent animals.


AUSTIN EDDY, Fungo di Legno, 2018, mixed media on paper, 51 x 66 cm

The artworks of the young artist come from Brooklyn imagery , reaching high levels of abstraction starting from his daily life inspirations.


KARLIEN DE VILLIERS, Academics Anonymous, 2018, mixed media on paper, 76 x 56 cm

Starting as a designer, the artist realizes ironic sculptures, works on paper and on canvas, which recalls the narrative dimension of comic. Karlien De Villiers was also awarded for the publication “My Mother Was a Beautiful Woman".

With our presence to Investec Cape Town Art Fair, among prestigious galleries coming from all over the world, Cellar Contemporary makes some steps in the direction of an exchange not merely economic, but also social and cultural.

Waiting for you in Cape Town!

INVESTEC Cape Town Art Fair
International Convention Center, Cape Town
Booth B 5
14th - 17th February 2019