A festival full of meetings and events, including the exhibition “Materia che avanza” curated by Denis Riva, in which also Federico Lanaro was invited.

The site-specific installation by Denis Riva for La Via della Lana 2019. GO TO HIS ARTWORKS

Each year, with the arrival of the Pentecost weekend, the ancient village of Follina (one of the most suggestive of Italy) comes alive with a celebration joined for some years now by “La via della Lana”: a series of gatherings, events and music within the evocative spaces of the historic Lanificio Paoletti.Active since 1795, the Paoletti Wool Mill recalls in this edition its “Return to the factory”, in particular the return to the spaces of the wool mill after the displacement during the First World War, a hundred years ago, confirming its role as the real beating heart of the encounter between industry and textile craftmanship.

Lanificio Paoletti

The different aspects of the hand made meet in a triumph of excellency that consists of a flowing sequence of stands of young designers, fabrics of the wool mill, convivial spaces for conferences and concerts, a bookstore and a widespread exhibition in which contemporary art takes possession of rooms of daily use, and in some cases rediscovers new spaces for the occasion.

"La Via della Lana" 2019

“Materia che avanza” is the show curated by Denis Riva - this time as organizer - represents the movement forward through art, celebrating the typical nomadism of flocks in reference to the exhibition space, but also the staying, the ”remnant” in the form of a scrap that becomes a creative object and lends itself to artistic re-elaboration. Six artists were invited, Nicola Alessandrini, Francesco Bocchini, Massimiliano Fabbri, Enej Gala, the Hypercompf duo, and Federico Lanaro, who created a series of works based on this statement:

“Not always what strikes us are the great architectures, the refined furnishings acknowledged by the common good taste. In my wanderings I always find myself admiring power plants and prefabricated, transient places not necessarly beautiful and, I imagine, not comfortable. Places whose design seems to be the result of a simple addition of function and speed. These places are inhabited by people of passage, from the common denominator of men, that do not express here different desire from those for whom the place is assigned to. About staying and leaving.”

The project by Federico Lanaro for the show "Materia che avanza. GO TO HIS ARTWORKS

Grasping the essence of the place, the artists in the exhibition and the duo formed by Nicola Alessandrini and Lisa Gelli - who created the site-specific mural “Specie Migranti" - have been able to interpret the theme of “la via della lana” giving Lanificio Paoletti, where Denis Riva has his permanent studio, a characterization increasingly keen to the artistic promotion and the triumph of handcrafting.

Francesco Bocchini at Lanificio Paoletti

Enej Gala at Lanificio Paoletti

Massimiliano Fabbri at Lanificio Paoletti

Hypercompf at Lanificio Paoletti

Nicola Alessandrini at Lanificio Paoletti

The project "Ricampionario" by Denis Riva, Anna Poletti and Eleonora Gasparini at Lanificio Paoletti

"Specie Migranti", the site-specific murales by Nicola Alessandrini and Lisa Gelli at Lanificio Paoletti

"Pastore su lana" by Denis Riva at Lanificio Paoletti