TRENTINO | David Aaron Angeli in Cina con Bulgari per SerprentiForm

Symbol of seduction, rebirth and transformation, the snake has captured the artistic imagination of man since ancient times, evoking magic, wisdom and power. Since the forties of the twentieth century, Bulgari has reinterpreted this iconic animal through fine jewelry, and has taken it as an identity symbol of the brand, telling its facets with the exhibition SerpentiForm, now in its fourth edition.

Among the works of prominent figures of the twentieth-century and contemporary art scene, such as Joan Mirò, Alexander Calde, Niki de Saint Phalle, Joana Vasconcelos, Henri Dono and Philip Taaffe - in collaboration with the Studio d'Arte Raffaelli, are the two sculptures wax from the series "Donna con serpente" by David Aaron Angeli.

Through the manipulation of wax, the artist's favorite material, David Aaron Angeli gives shape to his inspiration that explores the human archetypes related to life and death and to the mysterious force of Nature.