Passage and Transition

Following the recent entry of Tagliata Superiore di Civezzano within the network of Circuito dei Forti del Trentino, the new art gallery based in Trento, Cellar Contemporary, presents Ubergang. A contemporary art exibition in which the artists David Aaron Angeli, Stefano Cagol, Federico Lanaro, Andy Ness, and Laurina Paperina are called upon to question the concepts of passage and transition.

In continuity with the event “Arte Forte”, held in summer 2016, the exhibition continues the reflection on the reconsideration, throught several contemporary artistic languages, of the heritage of Austro Hungarian era war constructions, gathered in the Circuito dei Forti.

The artworks, including sculptures, photographies, installations and videos will displayed from August 4th to September 10th 2017 at the Tagliata Superiore di Civezzano.

Each work explores the path that led the artists (selected by Cellar Contemporary) to match themselves with the peculiarity of the stronghold and with the richness of witnesses of human transition.