On Saturday 18th May, the party "The River That Does Not Exist" is back! The event reaffirms more than ever in this edition the peculiar identity of the San Martino district.

The Passport of the Republic of San Martino. Print by Margherita Paoletti on the subject of Elisa Vettori

On this occasion, each area of the neighboring will be characterized by a "role" held in the utopian newborn "Republic".

Cellar Contemporary will be a customs office, a site of passage where cultural exchanges will take place.

Who will pass through our Customs will find:

16: 00-18: 00 - Printing of the Passport of the Republic of San Martino with Margherita Paoletti
18: 00-20: 00 - Live analogue set by Olavi
20: 00-23: 55 - Video projections of the artist Denis Riva (yellow house and abandoned house)

Margherita Paoletti at work with linoleum prints during a workshop at Cellar Contemporary READ THE JOURNAL

Given the success of Margherita Paoletti's workshop held at the "New Year of San Martino", we will display a "Republican" version, in which the artist will print the Passport of St. Martin reworking the mascot of the party - the winged fish - conceived by Elisa Vettori. From 16:00 to 18:00 children and adults can become honorary citizens of the Republic and wear their passport or print the graphics on their own cloths. (T-shirts, shoppers, etc.).

Olavi dj set

The exploration of "The Fate of Empires" (Raffaelli Art Studio / Cellar Contemporary) includes a live musical performance that creates a melody and an emotional landscape in response to stimuli caused by the exhibited works.
At Cellar Contemporary - from 18:00 to 20:00 - you can watch "The Fate of Empires" and listen to the sound of Olavi, who realized a sound environment designed specifically for the exhibition.

Trailer of the video "Flammeum Obscurum". GO TO THE ARTWORKS of Denis Riva

At the end of the event in the gallery, we will start, as tradition, the video projections along the neighborhood streets, this time with the work by Denis Riva "L'è" and "Flammeum Obscurum".